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SALTANAT AKHMETOVA. 2016. At home among strangers: The integration and transnational practices of Chinese-born Kazakh returnees in Kazakhstan. PhD thesis. Essex. Last edited by: Gregory Walker  v    Pop. 22.75%
H. BELOPOLSKY. 2004. Active engagement: Russian strategic alignment with challenger states (China, Iran and Iraq), 1992 to 2002. D.Phil. thesis. Oxford. Last edited by: gerard  v    Pop. 63.5%
C.W. BRADDICK. 1997. Japan and the Sino-Soviet alliance, 1950-1964. D.Phil. thesis. Oxford. Last edited by: gerard  v    Pop. 59.83%
C.-Y. CHEN. 1973. The development of relations between China and Russia up to the Treaty of Nerchinsk (1652-1689). B.Litt. thesis. Oxford. Last edited by: gerard  v    Pop. 55.66%
B.A. DÜBEN. 2008. Pragmatic partners: Russian foreign policy towards China, 2000-2007. master's thesis. Oxford. Added by: gerard  v    Pop. 57.79%
T.S. DOUGHERTY. 2005. Russian arms transfers in the post-Cold War era: China, India and Iran (1992-2002). D.Phil. thesis. Oxford. Last edited by: gerard  v    Pop. 60.89%
BJOERN DUEBEN. 2013. China-Russia relations after the Cold War: The process of institution-building and its impact on the evolution of bilateral cooperation. PhD thesis. London (LSE). Added by: gerard  v    Pop. 27.78%
MORTEN DYMOSE. 2012. Markets and how they work: A comparative analysis of fieldwork evidence on globalisation, corporate governance, institutional structure and competition in Russia, India and China […]. PhD thesis. St Andrews. Added by: gerard  v    Pop. 49.85%
IRINA FEDORENKO. 2017. Environmental activism, non-governmental organisations and the new generation of civil society in Russia and China. DPhil thesis. Oxford. Last edited by: Gregory Walker  v    Pop. 4.36%
Y.W. FOO. 2002. Wartime diplomacy at the Chinese embassy in Moscow 1943-1945: Ambassador Fu BingChang. Ph.D. thesis. Lincoln. Added by: gerard  v    Pop. 55.57%
R.J. FOOT. 1976. New areas of tension and great power rivalry: Central West Asia and Sino-Soviet relations, 1962-1974. Ph.D. thesis. London (LSE). Added by: gerard  v    Pop. 59.44%
M. GAMSA. 2003. The Russian-Chinese encounter in Harbin, Manchuria, 1898-1932. D.Phil. thesis. Oxford. Last edited by: gerard  v    Pop. 52.27%
J.K. GOODWORTH. 1977. Ideology and realpolitik in the history of Sino-Soviet relations. M.Phil. thesis. Nottingham. Added by: gerard  v    Pop. 47.34%
MARGARET D. HAGAN. 2008. Minority activism and transnational opportunity structures: The cases of Uyghurs and Vojvodina Hungarians. PhD thesis. Queen's Belfast. Added by: gerard  v    Pop. 55.86%
E.H. HAMMONDS. 1969. A study of Soviet and Chinese Communist strategy in sub-Saharan Africa. Ph.D. thesis. London (External). Added by: gerard  v    Pop. 60.7%
P.D. HARRIS. 1977. China's boundary dispute with the Soviet Union: Its background and development up to and including the 1969 border clashes. B.Phil. thesis. Oxford. Last edited by: gerard  v    Pop. 50.73%
R.E.S. HAYHOE. 1984. German, French, Soviet and American university models and the evaluation of Chinese higher education policy since 1911. Ph.D. thesis. London (Inst Educ). Added by: gerard  v    Pop. 57.41%
A. HÜRELBAATAR. 2002. 'Tradition' as differently practised by the Buryat-Mongols of Russia and China. Ph.D. thesis. Cambridge. Added by: gerard  v    Pop. 53.44%
B.-Y. HOWLETT. 1996. Cultural transfer in translation with particular reference to Russian and Chinese translations of Dickens' 'David Copperfield'. Ph.D. thesis. Leeds. Last edited by: gerard  v    Pop. 55.95%
Y.-T. HSU. 1974. The Trans-Manchurian Railway [...]; or: Procedure and perception in the making of Chinese foreign policy: a study of the 1896 treaty with Russia. B.Litt. thesis. Oxford. Last edited by: gerard  v    Pop. 49.85%

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